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BillQuick delivers the powerful tools, previously reserved for Fortune 500 companies, to small and medium size firms at an affordable price.

BillQuick Time Tracking and Billing for Government Contractors

If your company does business with agencies that require DCAA compliance, then your worries are over because BQE Software helps your organization meet those requirements.

BillQuick offers a robust labor management system for any contractor that serves the U.S. Department of Defense. Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance can be met only through detailed labor and cost center tracking. BillQuick automates the costly process of capturing and reporting contract-specific data and provides critical supporting documentation for DCAA audits. Our customers report that BillQuick has passed numerous audits without exceptions.

According to 5-900 - Section 9 of the DCAA Contract Audit Manual (Vol. 1), defense contractors must have labor systems with the following internal controls:

Effective method to monitor the overall integrity of the system

BillQuick Guarantees:

  • Security through password-protected accounts & configurable access
  • Consistency through grouping of employees & pre-populated fields
  • Accuracy through automated rules, totals & classification
Effective employee awareness training program

BillQuick Provides:

  • Employee training onsite & via the Internet
  • "Train the Trainer" sessions for transfer of skills in-house
  • Employee time & attendance self-service through access from any location
Effective procedures for labor approvals and correction records

BillQuick Includes:

  • Automated approval workflow & email notifications
  • Configurable abilities to create new work
  • Appropriate access to work assignment
  • Audit logs & custom reports for employee & approver activity
  • Prior period corrections with required approval in the current period
  • Multiple hierarchical levels of approval
Effective procedures for labor cost accounting (cost accounting standards, contract terms)

BillQuick Allows You To:

  • Track cost accounting details
  • Enforce contract terms through configurable rules & policies
  • Define administrative settings & behavior at the global level

BillQuick Customer - James Gardner from Building Science Corporation

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