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Core's reports help you make sense of your business's financial and operating data. They're clear, easy-to-understand, and simple to generate and share. With Core's robust reporting capability, you'll get critical information and statistics about your business's health so principals, project managers, owners, and other team members can make the best decisions.
Core comes with every report you would ever need, but you can also build custom reports with your project, staff, and billing information in any format you want. Moreover, you can save time and keep everyone in the loop with automated report scheduling. There's no limit to what you can do with Core's reporting tools.
Access hundreds of standard reports that are fully customizable
Create memorized reports and tag any report as your favorite
Customize reports and share them as PDFs, Word documents, or Excel files
View breakdowns of utilization, realization, and billable work for employees as well as consultants
Schedule your reports to be automatically delivered to staff, clients, or other stakeholders exactly when they're needed

Let us show you how simple it is to strengthen your business with a rock-solid Core.